Electronic Health Records (EHR) Case Study: Leadra’s Contribution

Electronic Health Records (EHR) constitute a systematic collection of patients’ health data, digitally stored, thus promoting smooth dissemination across a healthcare network. This technologically progressive system enriches patient care quality, improves patient experience, and reduces overall healthcare costs, especially benefiting non-network hospitals, independent practices, and community providers.

This has many benefits, such as higher quality patient care along with an overall better patient experience. It also decreases the overall cost of healthcare.

We have consistently demonstrated our proficiency and effectiveness in consulting and recommending optimal EHR solutions. Leadra recently consulted a US-based health network of considerable size and recommended the selected EHR along with coordination of implementation. This client has approximately 1,200 physicians, 2,800 RNs, and 1.8 million patient visits annually.

Our selection process, vendor qualification and consultative approach resulted in an estimated $50 million in project savings for the health system by enabling the system to avoid a hospital-by-hospital approach.

Leadra’s team-oriented approach is highly collaborative and involves leveraging our internal resources along with partner firms to provide the highest level of service and efficiency for each project we undertake.

For this healthcare client, EHR promised simplification of a disjointed, over-complicated and outdated systems used by hospitals and providers. Instead of hospitals having to send and receive information to and from pharmacies separately and inefficiently, EHR streamlined the entire system, making communication and data sharing efficient and simple across all providers and financial side operations.

This brought an improved patient and family experience for the network, granting patients timely, up-to-date and accurate information around the clock via one simple interface.

Efficiencies gained via the EHR project and Leadra’s work included enabling patients to schedule and review lab tests and communicate with providers seamlessly, eliminating the need for repetitive questions and forms for the patients to fill out and answer.

Other benefits included easing patient access to the research protocols as they
move through the healthcare system, with recruitment made available systemwide.

The EHR also enabled providers to easily share information with the patient and vice versa, improving patient care and coordination between local and regional care providers. Non-Network hospitals, community providers and independent practices benefited from EHR connections, gaining efficiency regardless of affiliation.

‘Safety is our main priority’ is a phrase uttered over and over again, but with EHR, it is true. Security and patient privacy are greatly improved. With the previous hodgepodge of systems used, our client’s security was compromised, because each and every system maintained varying standards of security, with some systems lagging in best practices.

When you partner with Leadra, we will connect your healthcare system with a vendor that is compliant with all federal and state security and safety standards.

The inherent inconsistencies of current systems can pose security threats. Our association with EHR vendors equipped with advanced audit capabilities significantly enhances security measures.

Collaborating with Leadra to implement a top-tier EHR system ensures substantial cost savings.